Anonymous said:
you know what you know whAT i love you so much bc flawless edits

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sharaah; why you gotta do it to em j

  • I don’t follow back by request. You can ask me to check out your blog and i surely will. If i like it i’ll follow back.
  • I use Photoshop CS5 to edit and you can find a working link here and here.
  • If you wanna know what psd i used on a determinated edit, help with photoshop or anything related, PLEASE COME OFF ANON, so i can reply privately.
  • I’m always accepting requests (icons, manips, ect) at least I state otherwise, but in order for me to take your request you need to come OFF ANON

Reasons why i unfollowed:
You are rude/annoying, i don’t like your posts anymore, you reposted something, you been inactive for more than 2 or you unfollowed first.

My English is not the best, cuz it’s not my first language so if you know Spanish, don’t talk to me in English, it’s easier for me to speak Spanish c: